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As Japan’s leading manufacturer of wooden furniture, Karimoku proudly uphold a steady focus on quality. Their knowledge and genuine love for wood is reflected in their uncompromising production methods and remarkable attention to detail. Through the unique skills and production capabilities of Karimoku, the collaborating studios are encouraged to use the best possible materials for their case collections, ultimately creating design that last, maintaining the highest possible standards throughout.


Yearly or project-based, we invite architects to come to the Karimoku facility in Aichi, Japan to participate in workshops focused on familiarizing the collaborating studios with the history and production capabilities of Karimoku. By spending time together on-site, investigating each case and its context, we strive to achieve a shared understanding of the future goals of the Karimoku Case Study brand.


Inspired by the Case Study Houses, Karimoku Case Study draws on the visionary works of the architects for the iconic, modernist program. In the 1940s, Arts & Architecture magazine commissioned young and successful architects, such as Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, to design inexpensive and easily rep- licable model homes to accommodate the residential housing boom in the US at the time. Based on new ideas for residential living, the commissioned architects essentially redefined the modern home, and the houses that were built are today considered iconic, modernist masterpieces.


The origins of Karimoku date back to 1940, when Shohei Kato took over a longstanding timber company and established a small woodworking shop in the town of Kariya, Aichi. The company produced various wooden parts in the ensuing decades, developing a range of techniques before launching its own line of wooden furniture in the 1960s. Building on the concept of manufacturing high-tech and high-touch products, the company established bases in timber production areas and soon developed into one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of wooden furniture. Widely recognized for their stance on furniture making, Karimoku had, by 1972, grown into Japan’s no. 1 wooden furniture maker in terms of domestic sales.

Karimoku Case Study

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