Q&A MARCH 2019



How does Keiji Ashizawa Design resonate with Karimoku Case Study as a brand?
What design principles/values do you share?

When we create furniture, we always start by looking at the space it will inhabit. I believe this architectural approach adds value in creating a brand where space and furniture are well-connected.

What do you hope to achieve through Karimoku Case Study?

We hope to provide an experience through space and furniture — for the “good life”.

Keiji ashizawa

Keiji Ashizawa Design is an architecture and product design studio based in Tokyo, Japan. Formed in 2005 by Keiji Ashizawa, the studio is comprised of both architects and designers, all bringing unique skills to the team.
Through logical thinking and open-mindedness, the studio presents works of ‘honest’ design — simple, thoughtful and refined — derived naturally through the process of maximizing the potential of each material. The work of the studio is based on the notion that the sharing of experiences is essential to the creative process, exercised through collaboration on many levels: internally amongst the designers, and in maintaining relationships with clients and other creative professionals to grow, learn and form an evolving dialogue of thought. After graduating from Yokohama National University in 1996, Keiji spent the first ten years of his career working as both an architect and steel fabricator. The unique skills and experience gained throughout these early years, including a valued understanding of materials, continue to influence his approach to design.
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